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In addition to writing short and long fiction, Daniel’s writing has also found him with a healthy career in entertainment journalism. Daniel writes editorials, think pieces, and essays on film, television, and video games for some of the most recognizable entertainment sites on the Internet.

Here is a sample of some of Daniel’s most popular works.


Daniel is responsible for two of Splitsider’s most popular recurring features, “Genie in a Bottle” and “Structurally Sound” which ran weekly for years on the website. The former series tackled bottle episodes from television shows, with the latter looking at stylistically different installments of series. 

The rest of Daniel’s writings for Splitsider can be found here.

Bloody Disgusting

Daniel pioneered the popular recurring feature for Bloody Disgusting (as well as its sister site, Cinema Runner), “Alpha and Omega,” which would compare and contrast a famous director’s best and worst films. 

The rest of Daniel’s writings for Bloody Disgusting can be found here

Den of Geek

Daniel has pulled off exclusive interviews with the writers’ rooms of television shows, conducting in-depth episode-by-episode walkthroughs of seasons of their shows. They’re thorough, investigative pieces of writing that have become some of the prime sources of information for these programs. 

The rest of Daniel’s writings for Den of Geek can be found here

Screen Rant

The rest of Daniel’s writings for Screen Rant can be found here.